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Subscription for indepth tutorials / support?

Curious what you’d think of adding some sort of subscription service ($10/year maybe?) that would give access to more indepth tutorials for how to perfect workflows and perhaps a more extensive support for getting it up and running.

Maybe it goes against the principle of the project, but I figure that you put a bunch of work into this and I understand that you cannot use all your free time to guide newcomers to get up and running. The essentials should of course always be free. But as a paying subscriber you get access to the video guides and more extensive help on how to get going. That way you get committed newcomers + a little cash as incentive to put someone on getting a wiki going with guides and workflows.

Just a thought…

Had thought about this over a year ago and the biggest concern was being consistent with updates

Adding in more extensive support is a whole different territory though, and not something we’re likely gonna explore. You can always reach out to us for consulting hours :blush: