Successful install of Sage 10

Hi there!

I am playing around with Sage 10, 10.0.0-dev as I will have a new custom theme to implement with Woocommerce support.

I am facing a few issues with the beta-2 release during development and I was wondering if one of you guys could give access to a repo with an install that was working properly in dev with bud.
I’d like to compare such an install with mine and report those issues if they appear on your install as well.
If you could make one of the following packages work, it would be awesome:

GitHub - generoi/sage-woocommerce

As I understand, it is not recommended to use Sage 9 as it is not maintained anymore and I would like to build my next theme with Sage as this is awesome.

Great thanks :slight_smile:

Sage 9.x has been recently updated. But for new projects it makes sense to use the latest Sage (10).

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