Successfully provisioned and deployed my server(all green), no wordpress page though

I was able to succesfully, or atleast according to ansible script, provision and deploy my site to the webserver but when I go to the site to setup there’s nothing there. Nothing further is specified in the directions so that should be it right? Any ideas?

When you say there’s nothing there, what exactly do you mean? You should see a WordPress installation screen. If not, can you SSH into the server ok?

Hi @digitalnomad, If all are green then when you visit your site like, it would start basic wordpress installation. If it’s not starting the installation then there is something wrong with your configuration. I guess you should check your production configurations.

Or follow this link, the author explained it very beautifully.

I can ssh with root into the server. Could it be a problem with the domain name? I didn’t setup dns yet because I am not using ssl.

The most useful information will be what you actually see. Do you get a message like your server doesn’t exist, or do you get a blank white page? Or some kind of error?

It could definitely be DNS --have you updated your HOSTS file with a reference to the site?

There are no errors when ssh onto the server. Maybe something didn’t go right with the deployment but didn’t show in the script…

I have not updated my hosts file. I just go directly to the ip in my browser.

I meant errors in your browser. What do you see when you visit the site in your browser?

“The connection was reset - the connection to the server wass reset while the page was loading”.

Does anyone have any ideas?

My primary guess is that it’s a DNS issue, or a configuration issue regarding DNS or DNS names.

Can you confirm that you can ping the server by name and that it responds from the IP you expect it to?
Is that the same name that’s in hosts/production?
Is that name also the “canonical” URL in group_vars/production/wordpress_sites.yml (see this line as example)?

If any of those are NOT true, try destroying and reprovisioning the server after correcting them.

Once the server is provisioned again, you should be able to see an nginx error page of some kind. If you can see that, try deploying your site.

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Here’s what sticks out to me:

It makes me think of the following, which is just another way of saying what others have been saying:

If perhaps this is a multisite installation, note this section in the multisite docs:

After provisioning your remote server and deploying your sites, you’ll need to install WordPress as a final step in your staging and production environments. SSH into your server as the web user …

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