Support SQLite installs for local dev syncing?

This entire premise arose due to syncing between my (aging) laptop and my pc becoming more of a hassle.

I ran across an SQLite plugin for Wordpress that converts your installation to SQLite during the installation process, then allows you to export to MySQL for a production push.

I was just wondering if it might be useful to integrate from the start in a fresh bedrock/roots (sage) development installation?

I’m not sure what the benefit would be here over a MySQL dump. I think you would want to be extra careful as well, since SQLite isn’t a drop in replacement for MySQL, so feature parity isn’t exact.

Generally, I just work locally. When I’m ready to set up a staging server to show a client, I keep database updates on the staging server. This is generally where it can get a little sticky. I generally try to work on files locally, and if I need to make changes to the database, either make them on the staging server, or (if others are working on the site as well), tell people not to touch staging, do a database dump on staging, import it locally, work, database dump push to staging. You can also use plugins like Migrate DB Pro.