Supporting Development

Hi there!
I’ve been using Roots (and now Sage) in projects for some time and I have to say, this is the single greatest discovery I’ve made as a WordPress developer.

I’d like to support the team and help ensure future development, what’s the best way can I contribute? I looked around the site and the GitHub repo for a donate link, but I couldn’t find one!



As a start, you can buy a license for Soil

There were some cool t-shirts but I think they may have gone now :tshirt:

Actually I think you can still potentially get shirts, nice thing about Teespring is you just make a reservation with how many you’d like, and once there is enough reservations a countdown will begin again where they’ll start preparing a new run of shirts to go out and people can get in on them if they want:

We did do the original run and then a few months ago a second run went out because enough shirts had been reserved :smiley:

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