Switching from ip to production url on trellis

Hey guys, quick question and as always I appreciate the help. Just wondering if once I’ve deployed to an ip address (digital ocean droplet), will it be easy enough on my end to switch that to the live domain and get ssl working without any issues?

I don’t see why not but never actually done it.

Alright thanks ill try it

did this work? my problem is that I have a live site on a domain name, this site is going to be replaced with a trellis wp site, but the switch over has got to be as quick as a dns change , but if I have to build the live trellis server with the domain already linked to the server then this will cause major down time

Why not just provision and deploy without SSL to the new server before making the DNS changes. Then make the DNS changes and, once propagated, enable SSL and then reprovision and deploy? No downtime at all and just a 5-10 minute window without SSL enabled.

i accomplished this by adding entries in my local hosts file eg

10.435.7654.234 example.com

this way you can see how the site will look when the dns is switched