Sync database between multiple developers


Currently we are developing with Trellis/Bedrock, we are 3 developers working on the same WP project. But it’s a pain maintain the database synced between us. We can’t create a DB Server inside our network, and if we use an external DB Server (DigitalOcean, AWS…) and we develop in local with the external DB settings the Wordpress becomes VERY slow, unusable…

So, ATM we are sharing DB Dumps, we start a project, someone generate the Wordpress Menus and then uploads the SQL file, the rest of developers download the file and overwrite the local databases with this… When the project is in a mature stage, the changes on the DB are not a problem, but on early stages this is a pain!

Which is the best method for doing this? I think any idea will be better than this.


I adjusted the Vagrantfile a bit, so it automatically imports the database on up, resume, reload and exports it on halt, suspend, destroy. Maybe that’s a start?

There is a good plugin for syncing db that has been discussed on this forum. Sorry I’m on phone so little hard to grab the link for you

we’ve been using this plugin WP Migrate DB Pro for a while.
this is certainly not the best method, but it’s very straight forward without a lot of setting up.

Also, have a look at this thread here as well:

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