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Sync Script Plugin - more details on how to work with it on windows please

Purchased the Sync Script from the plugin store to give it a go. Now wondering the correct way to follow “run the script from your host, not inside your VM”

I use a vagrant VM for my local development. I have wp-cli installed in each environment and aliases tested and working.

What does ‘run it on your host’ mean in the context of a windows host? Run it in PowerShell? bash.exe?

Why would we not run it in the vagrant VM like all my other tools? (composer etc)

If it makes a difference, I store my project files inside the VM and map a drive from windows over samba.

@benword hopefully you can explain?


Hi there! It means you run it from WSL

You don’t run it from the Vagrant VM because it uses an alias to interact with the development environment outside of the VM

Please shoot me an email for further support -

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