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Sync script - rsync Permission denied (13)

I try to sync upload files and database between development version to production. After run command ./ development production, the script return

:white_check_mark: Able to connect to development
:white_check_mark: Able to connect to production

But next, all files are flag as failed - Permission denied (13)

mysqldump: Can’t create/write to file (…) (Errcode: 13 “Permission denied”),

rsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23).
I can’t find solution how to fix it… Any idea ? Thanks.

I got mysql success


no web as user …

But still media failed I got empty files …

The user got no write permissions on the target system.
From experience this looks to me as you hadn’t provisioned the target Trellis system with that new site added to the Trellis config. Provisioning ensures that ownership + permissions of the site-related folders (including the site + upload folders) are correct and permissive for the web user.
Reminder: provisioning is not deployment of site! Provisioning configures the whole system globally and prepares it for having the sites deployed onto it.

Got it, thank you that was my last step to deploy :slight_smile:
As you said, the problem was with “user@hostname”. Because I put there not web user but user to ssh… Thank you once again!