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Sync script: Unable to connect to production

I’d appreciate some help in diagnosing an issue with the sync script. It used to work fine but now refuses to connect to my production site.

– I can ssh into the production, staging and development sites no problem
– I can sync between staging and development.
– If I try to sync with production I get “:x: Unable to connect to production” error
– I have the latest version of Trellis
– I’ve reprovisioned locally and the production site multiple times.

Is there a way to get a more detailed output from the script to see why it’s failing? Scratching my head here. Thank you.

have you setup the wp aliases in wp-cli.yml?

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Thanks for this. My wp-cli.yml was set up correctly, but testing wp-cli on its own showed me where the error was. There was a plugin disrupting the connects with an error. Once I turned that off, sync worked fine again.

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