Syntax error in Vagrantfile prohibits successful start Trellis

Hi. First dive in Trellis. I am following the steps outlined by Dave Kiss:
I’m stuck on vagrant up: the terminal gives the following error:
There is a syntax error in the following Vagrantfile. The syntax error message is reproduced below for convenience: /Users/arwen/Sites/silbersee/trellis/lib/trellis/config.rb:15: syntax error, unexpected '.' site['multisite']&.fetch('enabled', false) && si... /Users/arwen/Sites/silbersee/trellis/lib/trellis/config.rb:15: syntax error, unexpected '.' ..., false) && site['multisite']&.fetch('subdomains', false)...

Checked the versions of used components:
composer 1.3.2
vagrant 1.8.6
virtual box 5.1.28

folder structure:
rootfolder, with folders site and trellis side by side.

Looks like you just recently got Trellis within the past hour…

That was a temporary bug which I just fixed in

You can pull the latest commits to fix it. Sorry about that :slight_smile:

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Whoah. Indeed. Since some time interested but never got into it. Talking about bad luck :slight_smile: You’re answer is quick. Thanks. Can i just git clone trellis again, or… getting my feet wet with WordPress & git so sorry for asking

Yeah, if you haven’t made any modifications (or don’t mind making them again).