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Tailwind v2 and Sage 9

Going further with development I had some issues with PurgeCSS as managed by webpack, so I switched to the Tailwind-integrated one.

On the latest versions in my branch you can see I commented everything about PurgeCSS in resources/assets/build/webpack.config.optimize.js and switched on the purge section in resources/assets/styles/tailwind.config.js.

Did you follow this configuration?

Yes. I download last repo, use composer , yarn and yarn build. I dont change anything.

I came across the same issue after I finished building the whole site and realized that I never tested production.
The error seems to be that the purge arguments are set relative to the tailwind config, while it should be relative to the root folder. I am not sure if this is only a Windows/WSL problem, though.
So this fixed it in tailwind.config.js:

purge: [

Thanks, file-loader@5.1.0 worked for me!

but also had problems with font appearances - 4.3.0 worked