Taxonomy blade template not being called

Hello friends,

I’ve been reading lots about this, but am really quite stuck on something… perhaps you can help?

Im having issues getting a blade template to load for a custom product taxonomy called design. The WP template name for the taxonomy should be: taxonomy-design.php.

I copied archive-product.blade.php to views/taxonomy-design.blade.php but this template is not called when I access a design term page.

However, I notice that if I add the template instead to resources/taxonomy-design.php then is taxonomy temple IS loaded on the front-end. So it seems to me that wp is finding the correct file, but sage is not loading the correct .blade. template of the same name.

for ref im using sage 9 with the woocommerce templates from github:

I also have looked at creating controllers, which sound like what I need to do to load my custom taxonomy blade template, but have experimented and had no success. ref:

Can someone help me to get my ‘taxonomy-design.blade.php’ template to load please?

many thanks!

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