Terminal bounce, badge or sound on error?

Hi Guys,

In grunt when css or js had errors the terminal would bounce and show a badge. I would like to configure something similar in gulp. I installed the beeper module(npm install beeper --save-dev) , added it to the gulp file (beep = require(‘beeper’); and added a line of code before the console.error in the on(error) function ( beep(); )

// ### Styles
// `gulp styles` - Compiles, combines, and optimizes Bower CSS and project CSS.
// By default this task will only log a warning if a precompiler error is
// raised. If the `--production` flag is set: this task will fail outright.
gulp.task('styles', ['wiredep'], function() {
  var merged = merge();
  manifest.forEachDependency('css', function(dep) {
    var cssTasksInstance = cssTasks(dep.name);
    if (!enabled.failStyleTask) {
      cssTasksInstance.on('error', function(err) {
    merged.add(gulp.src(dep.globs, {base: 'styles'})
  return merged
  1. It isn’t working. Can someone tell me why?
  2. I would really love to have the bounce or bagde as well. Working in an open office and considering my skill level :wink: it would be nice to have my computer mute, but still get the visual trigger. Is this possible in gulp (and how?)

I know people like: https://www.npmjs.com/package/gulp-notify

thank you, will check it out.