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Testing first Sage

Merry/Happy Christmas/holidays folks. I’ve set up both Bootstrap and Foundation versions of Sage 9. While the overall dev with Sage scenario is probably bigger than I need for mostly informational wordpress websites, and that I’m primarily a designer with decent sass chops and dangerous php/js abilities, Sage seems like a reasonable step up from using FoundationPress, which has been my go-to for a few years.

Both versions of Sage initially load with zero of the Bootstrap or Foundation stylings active, including any nav or layout structure. Is this how it’s intended, no breakpoint defaults or anything…literally naked? Nav set up in particular is not something I feel the need to do most of the time. Styling out/tweaking the base dropdowns and mobile menus is more the norm. Coming from starters that gave me that stuff out of the box, I’m feeling in the weeds. I DO want to leverage sass, thus the primary reason I’m here.

I’m wondering if I’m shooting over my head with Sage. Are there prefab modules for nav, common page layouts to quickly ramp up when there isn’t really a need for ground zero customization? Or is everyone packing their own defaults, which I clearly haven’t created yet?

I did find an older post that showed how to quickly pop in a Bootstrap nav walker. That was helpful. Are all these questions the sort of thing answered in the Book? I didn’t want to drop the $ or time, if it is not the answer. Is that the primer for those of us that are not true developers but are stepping across the lines from the designer side?

I’ve burned a lot of time looking at options, setting up components, accepting that I may have to switch to Bootstrap from Foundation. So I am looking for either some general guidance so that I can have a simple starting point that doesn’t require building nav and base styling every time or I’m OK with slap down that I don’t fit in the Sage Community and should venture to less dev oriented scenario.


You should checkout this Nav builder by log1x:

It takes out the complexities of creating custom walkers.

@fabianwurk, thanks man. I will check it out. I appreciate the lead.

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