Thank you for Roots!

Thank you for Roots.

Roots feels fresh. The theme wrapper addresses a big downside to wordpress themes without feeling like a framework within a framework. The default templates have just the right ammount of existing style without forcing mass delections.

I can only imagine how much effort has been put into Roots. I’m sure you did not do it for my sake, but thank you.


PS: Roots has also shown me how nice LESS can be, thank you for making it so easy to get going. Part of what I think is awesome is how little documentation was needed to get started.
PSS: I’m working on a re-devlopment of No live dev site yet but I hope you’ll see it someday.

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I agree, it’s awesome. And having used it for more than 9+ months, even in that short amount of time, it’s gone through some revolutionary changes.

Big thanks to all the devs working on it, next time you’re in my area I’ll buy you a beer.