The email could not be sent. Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function

Getting this error message when trying to recover passwords in a Bedrock/Sage install of wordpress. I’ve tested in a separate php file and the mail function does appear to be working. My WPForms plugin also seems to send notifications just fine. Though it could be using something besides mail();.

I’ve contacted the host, they said they don’t see anything unusual and that they aren’t blocking the mail() function in any way. Any one run into this issue before?

No, never had an issue due to Bedrock. I’d recommend installing the Post SMTP plugin. It will help you troubleshoot, and comes with a few other useful features, like keeping an email log.

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Neither Bedrock or Sage would affect this on their own. Must be something else going on.

Thanks, Post SMTP Plugin solved it for me - though it’s sad, that it didn’t work via trellis.