The right way to update Trellis + roadmap info?

Hello there,

We are two months in a project now, using Trellis and its awesome :smile:

I tried to find but couldn’t - what is the best practice in updating Trellis? As I have made changes to the files in the group_vars and not only, running git pull in the ansible directory of the already configured project won’t work, as there are going to be some conflicts.

Moreover, if this is the only possible way, what is the way to go, when there is a backward-incompatible changes (for example 308 ) should we expect some how-to update?

Further on - is there any roadmap what features/merge request are going to be released in which version and when (rougly :wink: ?


@austin has plans to cover any breaking changes in our blog posts when a new release comes out. We’ve got a few more big changes coming in soon and then we’ll be tagging another version. Hoping to get to 1.0.0 as soon as possible.

I’m sure @swalkinshaw will chime in whenever he gets a chance! This is his current status:

Scott turned into a beautiful mountain range?

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Good to hear you’re liking Trellis :smile:

There’s no way to avoid conflicts when keeping Trellis up to date. They should be easy to resolve though as we encourage people to only modify certain files like group_vars.

So the official way is what you’re doing but you have to manually resolve the conflicts. If you try and do it often the changes should be small each time.

In terms of backwards-incompatible changes: we try to keep them to a minimum but we need to do a better job of telling people how to deal with them by adding a note when necessary to the CHANGELOG.

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