The Sage Book


The book is updated to Sage 9?


Not yet, but @benword has most of it the updates done. It should hopefully be released soon :slight_smile:


Can previous purchases get the updated version?


I do remember seeing somewhere that previous purchases will get access to the new book.


So how do we get the new version?


Yes, how do we get the new version?
ETA on when will it be ready?


Everyone gets an email whenever a new version is out :slight_smile:


Any update? Even an alpha version of the book would be helpful


Hi guys,

May I ask if the new book’s out through email? I didn’t seem to get a new email for it yet?

– Mic


The new book is out. Make sure you check your spam folders. If you can’t find it, reach out to with your purchase email address and they’ll be able to help.


Ah okay thank you @MWDelaney