Theme Activation Issues

Hey guys,

I am experiencing issues activating the ‘Sage’ theme in WordPress that I have never experienced before.

After following the installation instructions in ‘theme-development-with-sage-second-edition’, I have cloned the sage theme into my themes directory and then activated the theme through the WP Dashboard. As soon as i do this, I then get a ‘500’ error ‘The localhost page isn’t working, localhost is currently unable to handle this request’. I then have to delete the Sage theme in order to be able to access the WP dashboard again.

I have built 3-4 sites using Sage now and have never experienced this problem.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks,

The first things I would check are…

  1. Are you using Sage 8 or Sage 9? Note: Sage 9 development is currently being done in the master branch on GitHub so if you want to use 8 you need to clone the correct branch or use a tagged release.
  2. Did you run npm and bower and gulp to build your assets correctly?
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Sounds like it might be a permissions issue.

I also have the same issue, I m using Sage 9 with MAMP server. Any suggestion. Thanks