"Theme Development with Sage" download address?

Hey folks,

Congrats to the team on the release!

If I already purchased the 2nd edition of the Theme Development with Sage book, does anyone know if there’s a URL I can log into to download the revised edition? If not, do I just email the Roots team and ask them to send it over?


You should receive an email shortly with information on downloading the updated book.

Thanks for supporting the team with your purchase!

EDIT: it might take a while for all the emails to go out. Also be sure to check your spam folders.

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Just a quick question, I recently wanted to download a copy of the ebook, purchased already, but the link from the email no longer works. What do you do if you need to download a copy again? Thanks!

Hi there! You can visit https://roots.io/product-links/ to get a valid URL sent to your email

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Thanks for the quick response!