Theme Development with Sage


I’ve use Sage for my latest WordPress site and I’m extremely pleased with the results. It cut down development time and made the whole process fell a lot more natural. I’m considering buying the book to deepen my understanding and improve my use of Sage but I have a few question.

Considering the pace at which Sage is updated is the book current and will it be kept update with future version. Further more if i purchase the book now will i have access to the updated versions or will I have to Purchase them separately?

Thanks for your help

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The 2nd version of the book came out recently and is up to date with the latest version, 8.4.0. You won’t have to purchase the book again for future updates, you’ll get email notifications for all updates as they are released. The next version of the book will come out when Sage 9 is released.


Wow I pressed enter blinked and had a response. Cheers for responding so quickly. Perfect, I look forward to the read, I’m just buying the book now :smile:

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