Theme options do not display under appearance


I am new to Bedrock and I have a set-up installed locally. I wanted to ask if anyone has experience in Theme options not showing up under the appearance tab?

I have bought a new theme today, and it came with a plugin that is supposed to make this ‘theme options’ button available for customizability purposes.

If I create a new host locally with a fresh WordPress install, that is not Bedrock, then the theme options appear. It is very strange, because there are no PHP/Apache errors on the Bedrock installation.

Some details about my local install:

  • I am using MAMP PRO to manage my hosts.
  • I am running PHP7.0.

I would be grateful if someone could help me out? Where to begin debugging?

I look forward to all your replys.



Since there has been no reply, I thought it would be nice to update this topic on my own efforts. I have figured out that this is indeed a path related issue. If I place the plugin to web/wp/wp-content/plugins then the theme options do indeed load, but now assets do not load.

Since the plugin is licensed under GPLv2, I have attached the copy of it on this reply.

I would be grateful if anyone could help me out, I am not an expert in developing plugins, but perhaps someone experienced can see the issue right away.




I got in touch with the developer, he locally connected via Teamviewer and sorted this out. It was simply a matter of printing the URI of the plugin, to see what the url is, and then changing the path to where the actual file is. Looks like the plugin was kind of poorly coded.

Feeling kind of stupid, because I could have debugged this myself.


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