Themes upload functionality breaks after migration

I’ve never had this happen before. After I’ve migrated my site from localhost to prod, I cannot upload anything through the media upload in wordpress. I get a stupid error that says “An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.” I also cannot view the images thumbnails either, the loading icon keeps spinning.

Here is the troubleshooting i’ve gone through:

Changed my FTP permissions to 755 on pretty much everything.
Reinstalled wordpress
Deactivated all plugins
Switched themes and the uploads work

It turns out the images are getting uploaded and the thumbnails are generated, I just cannot view them in the admin unless I go to list view. Which is pointless because I can’t add them to a page that way.

Strange? Any suggestions? Thanks!

Enable debug, enable error logging, browse logs & analyse. if lost -post logs for community to analyse :smile:

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This was tagged as Sage, why do you assume it’s a theme problem? Did you try changing to a standard Twenty* theme and try uploading? If it still happens, you have an issue with how you have WP set up on your server, not the theme

As I mentioned in the original post, i switched themes (to 2015) and uploads work fine…

I’ve installed and built a bunch of other sage themes on the same server and it always goes smoothly.

I’ve also reinstalled Wordpress and I get the same error.

There isn’t anything in a default Sage installation that would cause this to happen