Things doesn't work after upload roots theme

After upload roots theme on my test server couple things doesn’t work:

You can check it here:

  1. Nav dosen’t expand dropdown.
  2. Breakpoints are back to default.
  3. Some of my styles aren’t visible. Search - I’ve deleted box-shadows from mixins.less and forms.less. But it is working ok on local server.
  4. After shrinking browser to breakpoint with mobile menu, is starting from very top covering everything. Ok on local server.

What I’ve done was installing plugins on test page, upload whole roots folder to server then export/import stuff.

Any help?

As you said, the difference is that you installed plugins on he site now. Try deactivating all plugins to see if that fixes your issue, then reactivate them one-by-one and test to see when things break.

First thing I notice is that your easy-bootstrap-shortcodes plugin is enqueuing Bootstrap CSS and JS again. Please try to do some troubleshooting on your own before posing on here, there is a good chance you will run into plugin conflicts with any theme, and not just Roots.

It was easy bootstrap shortcodes. Thanks!

First time I run onto such problem so this is why I am asking.

But as always. Sorry for asking…

Don’t be sorry for asking, just trying to help you learn some good troubleshooting skills, as this is a common problem. Glad you got it sorted!