TinyMCE bug with GROMF

I have used GROMF, a fork of sage with foundation instead of bootstrap on about 5 projects now. Everything is working great except for when editing a post/page, the TinyMCE editor’s height increases on mouse click, is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Possibly related?

This doesn’t happen on a default Sage install

You’re right, thank you for your response.
For anyone else that has this problem I added the following code to my scss file:
#tinymce {
height: auto;


Maybe we should add that to https://github.com/roots/sage/blob/master/assets/styles/editor-style.scss by default


this should be added to the _tinymce.scss file

WOW! This problem had popped up on so many sites I’ve done. Thanks a bunch

This is a good opportunity for someone to submit a simple PR to Sage :smile:

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