[Tip] WooCommerce partial template overrides + Sage

Hi everyone, I wanted to share this workflow I discovered in the hope it might help someone else out there who is struggling with WooCommerce theme overrides + Sage.

There’s already good documentation about overriding a page template with Sage, but I was having a hard time overriding template parts or components, eg a little snippet of HTML that creates product thumbnails on a given product page, for instance, so I could include Bootstrap classes or change a UL > LI structure to nested DIVs instead.

Through trial and error I eventually discovered the correct naming & file structure of these template parts through following the trail of hooks & functions that present these template parts, and I wanted to share the process here for those who may be scratching their head over it :smile:

If this info is useful to add to Sage documention, please be my guest and add it!