ToolTips, PopOvers not working on clean install or the current roots demo

.tooltip and .popover both seem to be included in the minified js file. The html looks right to me… what am I missing?

I also noticed all transitions are not working
i.e. collapsers and rollovers etc are all immediate with no smooth transitioned open and close etc. Maybe this is all related and or is expected behavior. If this is in fact expected behavior, how do I repair this

here’s a really rough sample page: you will notice the tooltip, popover, and transitions don’t exist on the collapsers

You’ve got console errors; track those down, then try again. I would disable all plugins and then test again.

Figured it out… the roots theme wont show these outta the box. 2 lines need to be added the the themes javascript first


$('[data-toggle="popover"]').popover({trigger: 'click'}); 

to this file: rootstheme/assets/js/scripts.min.js

Note: 'click' can be 'hover' if you wish

Returning to the sample page you will see tooltips and popovers now working with this simple addition