Toran Proxy

What’s the deal with

I’ve been manually adding packages to my own repo server - is this Toran proxy worth the license fee? it does look good.

Be interested to hear from anyone who is using it.

I’m using it and it’s pretty great. Jordi (the guy who wrote composer) is a swell guy and the composer project deserves to be supported anyway.

@etc uses it at a much much more advanced level than me so he could tell you a bit more.

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Okay, I’m there. Thanks!

Private Packagist: Searchable, better web interface, more integrations with other systems
Toran: proxies, (since it’s a proxy, it also makes providing access to private repos much easier for teams)

Which one you choose is wholly up to your use case.

+1 on supporting Jordi and Toran.

P.S. Toran still requires you to add packages to it. There’s no difference between Packagist and Toran over that. When you say your own repo server, are you talking about Packagist or Satis?

Neither, I just throw the zips in the document root and update the composer.json accordingly. Primitive, I know.

When you say that I still need to add packages to Toran, do you mean just my premium or custom plugins? Does it proxy wpackagist?

Yes, it proxies wpackagist, but that’s mostly a speed benefit since it isn’t secured.

I meant adding your own repos to Toran/Packagist. We have a system that has over 200 third party plugins and themes available by Toran, and a monolithic WP installation whose sole job is to update those assets and keep the repos up to date. (This is a very time consuming process)