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Trellis and Apple Silicon

The Apple event yesterday revealed some new MacBook Pros, paired with their latest ARM-based CPUs. My 2017 MacBook has been getting pretty sluggish and I need to upgrade eventually. Apple is done with x86, and with ARM being the future, I’m trying to work out an upgrade path.

From everything I’ve read so far, Bedrock and Sage will work just fine on Apple Silicon, but Trellis is the hiccup, particularly because of VirtualBox. I work for a web dev company that has built dozens to hundreds of sites on Trellis, and I am scared I won’t be able to reliably manage these sites whenever I inevitably upgrade my machine.

I know there have been other threads about this, but I haven’t really found any clear answers. Is there a workaround for Apple Silicon machines? Are we simply waiting to see when/if VirtualBox will add support? I’ve read that Vagrant also works with Docker (which admittedly I don’t know anything about, but apparently works on Apple Silicon); is Trellis working to move towards Docker? What’s the plan for the future?

Check Trellis and Apple Silicon · Issue #1253 · roots/trellis · GitHub for more information on this subject.

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