Trellis + browsersync proxy = slow


Accessing my site using trellis and browsersync is very slow. It seems to be because of browsersync proxy since it is normally fast when I reach it directly with

I tested the same with scotchbox and did not notice any issues. It seems to be something with trellis.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Are you running Node/BrowserSync on the Trellis box? If so — don’t do that, run it on your host machine.

I’m running it on the host. That’s not the issue. I’m pretty sure it used to work fine.

I’ll try to setup an earlier version of trellis to get to the bottom of it.

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So here is what I tried so far :
Trellis 0.9.3, Trellis 0.9.7, latest vvv and latest scotchbox.

Only when using scotchbox my browsersync is fast. It seems that the issue comes from nginx. Any ideas why ?

I reinstalled Mac os X on an external drive and everything seems ok so far. I’m still investigating …

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Really curious if you found the issue yet. I’m experiencing exactly the same.

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