Trellis - Can't locate server logs

I’m doing the first steps on Trellis and while reading the documentation regarding logs, I can’t find on my computer (mac OS) the logs at /srv/www/

I’ve checked my main.yml and the www_root: /srv/www . Yet I can’t find that folder on my computer.

am I missing something ? Thanks

Have you provisioned your own computer to run a Trellis server?
For development one would either use the Vagrant setup shipped with Trellis or something else like Docker.

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I didn’t run a Trellis Server. I’m using for development Vagrant that comes with Trellis. So I assume my logs are ~/VirtualBox/


Your logs would be inside your VM, not on your host machine.

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SSH into your VM as @alwaysblank mentioned:
ssh vagrant from the /trellis directory.

Now navigate to their location: /srv/www/


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