Trellis - Changing the Sage theme folder name


We recently installed a fresh install of Trellis and this time around we tried to change the Sage theme name on initial install. We noticed in the documentation that it says “You’re encouraged to rename Sage to your theme name. Just remember to rename references to it everywhere.” But my question is what exactly does “everwhere” pertain to?

We changed the Sage references in site/config/application.php but where else should we be making this change?
Are we just doing a find and replace all for every single file across the entire website directory?

Thanks! - Daniel

Yes, pretty much everywhere “sage” is found in config files.

So just search and replace everything in the in both the ansible and site folders?

That would also replace namespaces and links to github, though. Such a search and replace would need some regexp magic imo.

I think we might just keep it Sage for now until there’s an easier way to do so. Thanks guys.

Whoa guys, I think there was some miscommunication, or else I’m misreading this all. @swalkinshaw simply said “config files”, not all files. Referring to Trellis or Ansible config files.

Sage has no reliance on Trellis, and vice versa. It doesn’t matter which theme you use, nor the folder name of the theme.

The only time it would matter is if you are using Ansible deploy. And even then, it only matters if you are using the commented out commands for running gulp and/or uploading the dist folder:

This would be the ONLY place you would need to change the theme folder name… unless you have more references in your group_vars folder to your theme, but that would be your own code anyways.


Or just don’t rename it… it’s just a theme name.

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