Trellis deploy. Basic background

I’m starting with Trellis environment. I installed it and it works. The site is served and I can compile sass, do browsersync and other gulp tasks over sage theme. Also, I can reach the virtual machine through vagrant ssh command, halt, up, etc. It’s magic.

But, in fact, I don’t understand mostly of things that are happening inside. I am asking just for deploy process in order to focus one thing at time.

My next step is to understand deploy process to production. In my normal workflow I setup a wordpress in my local machine, to develop theme locally, and I setup a wordpress in a remote server. Then, I FTP only theme files to WP remote installation. The question is, how can I achieve this with Trellis? Is this wokflow similar in Trellis?

  • I understand that I should setup group_vars/production/wordpress_sites.yml with my server credentials.
  • I understand that I should run ./ production

After that, what should I expect? Deploy it entire WP app or just Theme files?

For now, I got an SSH error:

fatal: [] => SSH Error: Permission denied (publickey).

What it means? Need I SSH acces to my remote server? Need I to setup keys at group_vars/production/wordpress_sites.yml?

Thanks for the help.

The entire WordPress installation.

You can’t deploy to — that’s your Vagrant box. You need to follow the Trellis installation instructions and properly set the host for your remote server.

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