Trellis does not yet support Python 3.7.0

I can’t seem to install Trellis:

PLAY [WordPress Server: Install LEMP Stack with PHP 7.2 and MariaDB MySQL] *****
[WARNING]: Failure using method (v2_playbook_on_play_start) in callback plugin
llis/lib/trellis/plugins/callback/vars.CallbackModule object at 0x1034dc940>):
'dict' object has no attribute 'iteritems

ERROR! Trellis does not yet support Python 3.7.0.
Please use Python 2.7.
Ansible failed to complete successfully. Any error output should be
visible above. Please fix these errors and try again.

When I use the command:
$ which python

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What is the output of python --version?

python --version:
Python 2.7.14

Could this be an environmental thing where you have multiple Python versions installed?

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