Trellis Feedback/Questions in small Enterprise-y environment

First, I just want to say that Trellis is awesome and I appreciate the work you guys put in! I hope to contribute to the project in anyway I can and so I thought I would offer some feedback in case it was useful on the path to 1.0

My use-case for Trellis is at a small/medium organization with multiple WordPress sites (and growing) on Amazon Web Services. I have Trellis as a repo with ansible playbooks as a submodule and multiple sites as submodules. This is awesome because I (or someone else) can clone it all down and have every site set up in dev environment. Likewise, all our sites are on one server so it nice to provision/deploy.

The few things i’m going to list are not complaints! These are just things I noticed that weren’t ideal for my setup.

  1. Ideally, I would rename the development environment to local. We have dev/staging/production servers and I would imagine some other people do too. This is obviously not a big deal, just figured I’d mention it since it seems more clear.

  2. Ideally, I could support both www sites and non-www. I noticed on Github thats a goal for 1.0 so that is awesome! Maybe i’ll submit pull request as I add it to my Trellis install.

  3. Ideally, wordpress_sites.yml files could be split up into different files per site. Once you start adding more than a few sites it gets unwieldy. Not sure what all goes into this… gotta learn a little more Ansible and looping through files/variables and i’ll try to implement myself.

  4. Ideally, I could toggle if its a bedrock site or not. I love Bedrock, and yes - its not hard to move over a site to Bedrock but sometimes there are plugins that don’t work with Bedrock or you have to work with a team that won’t allow it. Not to mention, I think if this was an option you would see some huge adoption by the general WP population (which you may not care about) especially since there is really nothing like this out there that doesnt cost money (production-ready server provisioning). I haven’t investigated at all how hard it would be to do this - just thought I’d express this and see if other people felt this way? I thought about making a Trellis fork I could use when working with traditional WP setups. Is there one out there that you guys know of?

Also, its been a while since I setup my local environment but I remember having to user a different mysql user for each site. I use RDS in staging in production so I have no idea if this is really the case or if I just botched something up. (Noticed its fixed here before I posted this). Man I need to read changelogs more. Makes using sequel pro a little more convenient.

I would love some thoughts/feedback about 3. Would it be hard to have a folder with each site and loop through? Or would it require some significant changes in may places? I’ll probably give it a go sometime.

Once again, you guys are great and thanks again for Trellis!!


HI @swaincreates I need something like you ask in the point 1, did you manage to do that? To setup a local environment if yes what files I need to change, thanks!!!

Thanks for the feedback! Would definitely appreciate a pull-request for the www/non-www issue

I think roots/trellis#452 addresses the www/non-www issue.