Trellis in develop branch, but not in master

Excuse the poorly worded question, just trying to get my head around this.

We’re developing a site for our client and using the full Bedrock/Sage/Trellis stack. This is great for our devs, they’re getting the whole stack setup quickly and consistently. However our client likes to use a Jenkins job to promote files through their dev -> staging -> production environments.

So I’m trying to think of how to best handle this. I think that our master branch in git will not have trellis at all. Our develop branch will have both the site and trellis folders at the top-level.

Has anyone else had this kind of a setup? What would be a clean way to keep the master branch in a state that doesn’t rely on trellis or ansible?

I personally think it’s pretty weird to (consistently) have entirely different folder structures across branches. I’d suggest using Jenkins to build release artifacts which would just keep what’s needed and remove what isn’t.