Trellis Laravel Deployment?


So I use Trellis to deploy WordPress sites and it works amazingly well. At the moment I have a DO server that acts as my “staging” area with just one Trellis WP deployment on it.

If I was to modify the Trellis server.yml and create a new one that installed Laravel instead of WP would it overwrite anything on the DO server? In other words, will it create it as a completely separate site and not touch the current DO server setup or would it re-install the OS all over again etc?

Ansible won’t re-install an OS, but you should probably just destroy the droplet and re-provision it anyway

I have a Laravel app in a Trellis setup and I removed all wordpress specific references

I don’t want it to wipe the OS or try re-installing it as I already have a site running on it that I’d like to keep and then put a Laravel site on the same box but a different URL.

So at the moment I have a Trellis WP deployed on the DO server at and I’d also like to use Trellis to deploy a Laravel application to say but keep the old WP install intact and not mess with the install etc.

Is it possible to do that or is it a case of needing a new droplet for each site?

Ah gotcha, you might wanna just clone the WP roles then:

Okay. Will give that a go then and see what happens!