Trellis - Multiple VM's Running Simultaneously?

Hey there!

I just wanted to check in to see if any progress has been made to allow Trellis/Vagrant to work while other VMs are running. I know that @austin mentioned that this was something on the roadmap. If no progress has started on this yet, we may take this on internally and then contribute our results.

Has anything started yet? Thoughts/tips on where we should start?

Thanks! - Daniel

The only issue I know of is that by default Vagrantfile has the same static IP.

You can see the discussion here:

Any solutions to this are appreciated but I’m weary since I’m not exactly sure there’s a clean solution. You can see the various proposals in there are complicated/error prone.

So all you have to do is manually edit IPs are necessary.

Thanks Scott! We will take a look and reply with our thoughts.