Trellis nginx 404 on deploy

Hi Having used sage and bedrock for a bit I’ve added trellis to the mix for a project and am having some teething issue with deploy to a DO droplet. After running → ansible-playbook -i hosts/staging server.yml everything appears fine in the terminal. then run ./ mysite mysitename everything is good.

When I try to visit mysitename howerver all I’m getting is an nginx 404

if I ssh in I can see that bedrock is installed at /srv/www/mysitename/current

and what looks like an uncompiled version of the sage theme is at


any pointers - even on how to start to debug this?

Sorry to respond to my own question. As is the way of things I destroyed the droplet and started again and everything is A-OK.

I added in the project_pre_build_commands from the

do I need these - or are those commands outdated - seems to work, but the docs/ gitub repo it’s unclear what the up-to-date process is.

They are currently outdated.

See this post for the hopefully working updated version.