Trellis occassionaly stops responding, 504 timeout

I am using trellis and bedrock with multisite and a custom theme and for the most part it is working awesome. Its pretty much a default set up. On my local environment, it will occasionally stop responding or slow way down though. I will get 504 error pages. Its hard to tell when and why this happening, it sort of comes out of the blue. I also have it deployed as a staging environment on D.O. and have not experienced this but have also have not interacted with it much.

I have no idea how to troubleshoot these slowdowns. If I restart vagrant, that will fix the issues, but that is kind of a pain when I am jamming away on development and have to stop for five minutes. Any suggestions on what could be causing this and or what logs I can check?

There’s various Nginx logs. Site logs are in /srv/www/<site>/logs