Trellis on a server with pre-installed software


I’m in the middle of trying to setup a production environment where I’ve got some restrictions to what goes and what doesn’t.

It’s a Debian server running Apache with PHP 5.4.41-0+deb7u1 and regular MySQL. I want to be able to utilize what’s left in the Bedrock stack, should I just comment out these parts in the site.yml? I.e:

- { role: common, tags: [common] }
- { role: fail2ban, tags: [fail2ban] }
- { role: ferm, tags: [ferm] }
#- { role: mariadb, tags: [mariadb] }
#- { role: php, tags: [php] }
#- { role: nginx, tags: [nginx] }
- { role: memcached, tags: [memcached] }
- { role: composer, tags: [composer] }
- { role: wp-cli, tags: [wp-cli] }
- { role: capistrano-setup, tags: [capistrano-setup], when: "'development' not in group_names" }
- { role: wordpress-sites, tags: [wordpress-sites] }

I imagine I will run into trouble as the php role contains some configuration for FPM and additional items. What should I do? Just install the other rest of the stack manually?

That won’t really work since there’s tasks within those roles that are “required”. php role also has some necessary PHP configuration settings and the nginx role has all the necessary configs for PHP/WordPress.

So we don’t recommend this. Trellis is designed to be used on a stock/bare Ubuntu server.