Trellis/Sage/Bedrock dev environment set up on Windows 7

Hi Ben,

I can’t really understand the process to set up my dev environment to use Trellis with Windows as the control machine. Could you give me some steps to setting up Ansible on the VM and what needs to be installed therein before doing so? Do I need to have Python installed on the control machine and are there further requirements? I’m very lost and seem to be going around in circles from the Trellis git to the roots-example-project to no avail.

When I run Vagrant up in my root directory (is this correct?) on the control machine I get this error:

from C:/HashiCorp/Vagrant/embedded/gems/gems/vagrant-1.7.4/lib/vagrant/b atch_action.rb:82:in `block (2 levels) in run’

Should I set up an Ubuntu machine on the VM to run Vagrant up there and not on the control machine?

I’m totally lost!

Take a look at the Windows docs:

I use Babun (a bit easier to manage than Cygwin proper) and run all the ansible stuff from there. Terminal has to have admin access otherwise Vagrant will poop its pants when it tries to edit the hosts file.

I don’t do any of the npm stuff from Babun/Cygwin, however. I only use it for Trellis stuff.


  1. Get Babun.
  2. Open new admin instance of Babun.
    a. WinKey + R
    b. babun
    c. CTRL + Enter
  3. Follow the instructions from

How do you use npm? Regular Windows terminal?

Also, Babun = zsh by default on Windows? <3

Yeah, I’ll use cmd.exe or one of its replacements (in particular, I like cmder). I don’t use Cygwin because I don’t want npm to think it’s a Linux environment. npm has enough problems on Windows. I don’t want to confuse it even more.