Trellis setup for multiple Bedrock instances in subfolders

I am trying to configure my trellis setup to have multiple instances of Bedrock as subfolders to create something like this:

What’s your question?

Sorry, I am just not sure how to configure Trellis group_vars in order to accomplish this.

You want there to be a WP installation at AND ?

@timothy_m_alber I think there are a number of discourse threads you could search and find on the topic. One that comes to mind that might be relevant is How to create subdomain on digital ocean correctly?
That demonstrates having multiple sites within wordpress_sites, each with their respective variables. Let us know if you also need different vars files per site, which would be unusual.

Edit. I may have misunderstood. I was thinking the paths you listed were referring to filepaths of your trellis project structure, like how you might alter the Trellis project structure mentioned in the Trellis installation docs to accommodate multiple WordPress sites all hosted on a single server as separate WP installs. But maybe the paths you mentioned were actually referring to URLs for a WP multisite setup using subdirectories (?).

thanks @fullyint. Yeah, I am trying to set up separate instances of WP (using bedrock) on subfolders on a single domain. And, yeah @kalenjohnson there are certain instances where we might need another instance within a sub-folder. I realize that might not be a great practice, but it is a request from a client. Just wondering if this can be accomplished using the Roots setup. Thanks!

I’ve never tried it. But since Trellis deploys via folders, I would assume that deploying site3 will also deploy site3/another along with it. This seems like a pretty strange use case, I doubt it’s one that would have been conceived. Not just because of how Trellis is set up, but I don’t think it’s suggestable to have a WP installation within a WP installation, either.

I’d step back and see if there is a better solution you could come up with. Off the top of my head, why couldn’t you just have another folder site3-another ?