Trellis Updates: 0.9.1 Release

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As Trellis finally gets closer to 1.0.0, some useful features have been contributed in the past few weeks. MailHog Pull request by @louim Dealing with emails in development is never fun. The two common solutions are usually: Ignore it and hope it works fine on production Set up real SMTP credentials to send emails Enter…


MailHog is awesome. Thanks for knocking that one out, @louim!


Thanks for the update and the fantastic Roots projects! I’m a new Bedrock/Trellis/Sage user and absolutely love it so far!

I couldn’t find instructions how to update Trellis, is this procedure described somewhere?

Is it the same principle as updating Sage (found in this post)?
So add/fetch Trellis from upstream, rebase upstream/master and fix potential conflicts?

Ignore the previous questions, tried the above and it seems to work :blush:

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Just confirming, but yes that’s how you keep Trellis up to date :smile:

Also with this update, running ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml was needed to install the newly added vendor roles.