Trellis vagrant box refused to connect

Hey all,

Tried to vagrant up my project to do some additional work to it, but my vagrant box is responding with a papasteamstores.test refused to connect. error.

I looked at these two threads, but neither of them seem to be the same issue.

I also tried to work with the Trellis troubleshooting docs, which suggested I kill certain lines in my /etc/hosts file, which I tried also, to no avail.

No errors are appearing in the console during a vagrant up.

Pretty much dead in the water here on how to solve this, any ideas?

You might be running into this if you created this Trellis install recently:

If so, apply this change to your Trellis installation:

…and make sure to re-provision :slight_smile:


I’ll try this tonight, but the install was created about a month ago.