Trigger copying to dist/images upon overwriting of existing image

Say (after running yarn run start) I’m developing in dev and I currently have

background-image: url(../images/img.png);

with the corresponding image file existing in resources/assets/images

I decide to change the color of img.png and subsequently overwrite resources/assets/images/img.png with this new img.png. However, this new img.png does not automatically get pushed to dist/images and hence browsersync does not update to display my new image.

My current workaround is to save my newly-edited file as resources/assets/images/img-1.png and change my code to

background-image: url(../images/img-1.png);

following which browsersync would immediately display my changed image. However by doing this I’m left with many files img-1.png, img-2.png, … in the course of my development.

Is there a way to trigger a copy and update an existing image file in distilled/images when the file is overwritten?

I’m currently on Sage 9 beta 4.