Trouble inserting jquery scripts

Hello all right?
I’m starting to use the Roots, these first steps successfully create the whole site and is working very well. However when you start inserting jquery started my problems. I read that all must enter at the end of _main.js file … But has no effect, I have tried to paste some alert in the file and nothing, it seems that nothing I put in the file works.

The codes are those that enter

 columnWidth: 200,
 itemSelector: '.item'

Thank you for listening!

Assuming it needs to be fired on every page, place it under this line.

Many thanks for the reply, but still did not work, it’s as if the file did not exist _main.js, nothing appears in the source code.
I tried to use an alert and a generic code $("body").css("background-color", "#000") the line you specified, no results

Did you run Grunt after making the changes? It recompiles scripts.min.js.

Many thanks for the help! Now this all right, never worked with Grunt, now I’m going to focus on studying it … Thanks : ) ($10)