Trouble updating Composer

Anyone experienced this before?

I realize it’s probably more of a Composer project question perhaps, but as we’re a bunch of people just starting to adapt to this new workflow I figured it could go here.


  1. Not enough permissions
  2. This was the correct solution to #1 by using sudo
  3. Not exactly sure but running a command under sudo invokes a different shell/environment and programs like PHP could behave differently.

I’m just staying it’s not exactly weird if that fails under sudo then works without it. This doesn’t really help you though :smile:

I find it weird that the curl cmd doesn’t say anything at all.
That’s the way I installed Composer to start with. Really in a bind here, short on time and no idea what could be wrong.

It’s Ubuntu 12.04 LTS btw.

There we go. Seems to be working now. Weirdly.

Before I was on the wifi at work, thought I could be something with proxies or what not, so I tried using my phones 3G connection, but still got the same error. Hm.