Types of cache in a trellis production env?

What types of cache are implemented by default in a trellis production environment?
I’m having trouble pinpointing it, but it seems my direct php changes on a prod server lag about a minute or two.
I’m not using any of the wp cache plugins. And I have
enabled: false

…in wordpress_sites.yml

I also tried service memcached stop, but it didn’t seem to have an effect.
I don’t know much about the fastcgi cache but could not find mention of it in nginx config files.

Also, I’m interested in guidance if there’s any case in reverting this server to staging state (and is possible in the first place)

Then there is no caching enabled

I’m also experiencing this issue on a production server with
enabled: false
duration: 0s
in wordpress_sites.yml,
even after running a reprovision (multiple times). FastCGI showing up in logs and direct PHP updates taking about 30s to reflect changes. I realize direct PHP edits are kind of outside the general use case of trellis, but I saw your post and wanted to document that I experienced this behavior as well.

Are you seeing fastcgi headers from the server, too?

$ curl -I https://roots.io/
HTTP/2 200
server: nginx
fastcgi-cache: HIT
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